Friday, February 1, 2013

31 Days of Nothing 2013, Week 4 & Rollup

It's over!  

The 31 Days of Nothing Challenge has come to an end!

Here's how the last week went:

1. Confession: We totally fell off the wagon and ordered Pizza and Chinese food the last weekend of the challenge.  We were all coming down with some version of a cold and we (I) just didn't have the energy to cook.  It is definitely hard to be frugal when you're under the weather.

2.  I finally had to get gas in my car three days ago.  I'm pretty impressed, though, that I only used 3/4 of a tank of gas for nearly the entire month!

3.  A great benefit of doing this challenge was that my pantry got thinned out and I was able to rearrange things a bit without unloading All. That. Stuff!  

4.  I am extremely pleased to report that we spent less money during this challenge vs. last year's challenge!   We were under by $85.40!  

5. My refrigerator and freezer are just about empty and we used up a lot of year-old pantry food.  There will be no wasted, old, freezer-burned food in this house!  Also, it's a whole lot easier to sanitize and clean the fridge when it's practically empty!

6.  I only spent $70.41 on groceries this entire month.  On average, I usually spend $800 for the month, so that is just AMAZING!

Total Money Spent This Week:
Gas: $36.00
Pizza & Chinese Food:  $70.00
Total:  $106.00

Week 4 Expenses:  $106.00
Total Monthly:  $283.41

Month's Breakdown
Total Grocery/Month:  $70.41
Total Gas/Month:  $82.00
Total Dining & Takeout/Month: $88.00
Total Other: $43.00


Feeling motivated?  You can take this challenge at any time!  Try it for a week, or 2 weeks and be amazed at how much you don't spend!

For the folks who have been following along this January, now it's your turn!  How did you do this month?  Did you stick with the entire 31 Days of Nothing Challenge?  Leave your totals, strategies & thoughts below.  I can't wait to see how you did!

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  1. Well done! I didn't do the challenge but followed along yours. It seems the flu and sickness often blows budgets either by having to buy medications or takeout - you are not the only one. Again, well done. My freezer is full so I need to buy less this month - definitely time for a cleanout.

  2. I'm starting the challenge for February. I'm nervous - and excited all at the same time!

  3. I am def. doing this for freezer and 2 ref freezers are filled along with my pantry

  4. It's a perfect way to empty out the pantry of nearly expired foods. Who wants to waste any food? I think this is a great thing to do one week per month, which I'll try. Bravo for trying an entire month!

  5. My grocery budget is $430 month and I almost never hit that so I guess I'm doing pretty well living the frugal life - I wish I could do better. :(


  6. I don't know where you live, but $800 a month is about what my grocery budget was before I started shopping at Aldi's, now I'm paying maybe $250 a month. And I have two preteens and a husband that would eat me out of house and home if I let them. And it's owned by the same people who run Trader Joes if you're worried about quality.

  7. I did the challenge for January too and did really well. The most important thing about this challenge was paying attention to where the money is going.

    We too overspent a bit, mostly on groceries, but came across a great sale on whole hams at like $.69 /pound and stocked up. This is a great challenge and we're incorporating this challenge throughout the year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

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