Monday, January 14, 2013

31 Days of Nothing 2013, Week 2

We're nearly at the half-way point of  the "31 Days of Nothing" Challenge!  Woo hoo!  Here are some of the highlights of this week:

1.  This week was spent catching up on the many projects I have had ideas about, I had half-finished, or I had just plain been putting off.  It's pretty easy to put some little projects on the back burner when you can go shopping for the bigger, more fun projects.  That said, I felt very accomplished this week with all of the little projects I finished and I can't wait to share some of them with you!

2.  Confession: We totally fell off the wagon and got McDonald's for breakfast on Saturday (yeah, yeah, spare me the lecture), spending $18.00.  Nobody's perfect!
3.  Both my husband and I still have just under a half a tank of gas in each of our cars, so staying close to home on the weekends has saved us so far!

4.  We have been able to stretch our milk, bread & eggs pretty far this week, so no need to go to the grocery store quite yet!  Likely I'll be going this Friday, but I'm really hoping to keep my grocery store visits to only 2 for the month.  

5.  I am comparing this year's challenge with last year's to see if I have made any improvements, and I can report that by Week 2 last time around, I'd already spent $182.70.  This year, I'm nearly $100 under that total!  So proud!

Meal Plan Week 2*:
Tuesday:  French Toast, Bacon & Banana
Thursday: Linguine & Mushroom Alfredo, Green Beans
Friday: Grilled Cheese & Ham Sandwiches
Saturday: Chili Con Carne, Rice
Sunday: Japanese Curry Rice & Chicken Katsu
Monday: Shrimp, Baked Potato & Broccoli

*With some variation, our other meals are typically:
Breakfast: Bagel Sandwich (husband), Egg on Toast/Crumpet (son), Cereal & Fruit (me)
Lunch: Leftovers (husband), PB&J/Can Fruit/Chips (son), Soup/Egg on Toast (me)

Total Money Spent This Week:
McDonald's Breakfast:  $18.00
Doctor's Visit:  $20.00
Gas:  $0.00
Grocery:  $0.00
Total:  $38.00

Running Total for the Month: $88.63

OK, now it's your turn!  What have you been doing to keep up with the 31 Days of Nothing Challenge?  Leave your totals, strategies & thoughts below!

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  1. Congrats! Progress is progress, right?

    My Use It Up Challenge is in full swing. My goal is to purchase only fresh dairy and fresh produce for the month. The past two weeks, I've spent less than $40, compared to our normal $600, so great going so far!

    Big triumph is teaching my 15 year old to make fresh croissants. We did burn up the mixer, so that was a bit of a bummer, but otherwise, she learned a wonderful skill while using up some of the flour and yeast we have had on hand for literally years. They tasted fantastic!

    Second big triumph was making a $500 payment to my credit card. (I'm still paying off my older daughter's wedding.)

    I'm loving this challenge! The only tough part is I work at Michaels and all the gorgeous new Spring stuff is hard to say no to, but I'm doing it and loving the results.


    1. Fantastic work, Kellie! Care to share your croissant recipe? I'd love to try to make those!

  2. Another week of using up my pantry goods that have an expiration date this month and next. Since hubby is on board, he doesn't mind the strange combo of foods each day. Have only bought salad fixin's, milk, bread and eggs. Paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate this month. Patting myself on the back!

  3. Ours is going well too. I have only bought 2 gallons of milk so far since the beginning of the month. I get paid on Tuesday and have refused to go shopping until then. The girl's are keeping track of everything we are out of...and they are sure we are out of EVERYTHING! ha ha I use for budgeting and I usually have a budget of $350 for the grocery each month. Many times I blow that. So far I am well under $100! I am thinking about doing this every other month!

  4. I think I will have to try this in February since I have been buying school books and paying college tuition for our daughter and putting more gas than normal in the car this month. I love the idea.

  5. I'm not really trying for frugal, but... I bought a new recliner and instead of using the credit card, I saved the money first and paid cash. Also, we have only one supermarket locally - Wegmans - and instead of charging every purchase like I used to, I make one payment to them to purchase W-dollars at the first of the month and that usually covers what I need every month.

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