Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Home Tour 2012

Welcome & Merry Christmas!  

We've been very busy converting our home into a Winter Wonderland using decorations we have collected over the years from family, yard sales, thrift stores & after-Christmas mega-sales!  

So come on in and I hope you'll find some great ideas & inspiration!

First, a view from the top of a tree we got for FREE when my parents decided to downsize!

Here is our Rudolph & Grinch Tree displayed on the Fake Christmas Krinkles Table.   

 I've been collecting thrift store vases and making a ton of Fake Mercury Glass.  They look great grouped together for a Icy Themed Shelf. 

You may remember the Sugar Cube Ice Castle I made last year.  It survived our move, thank goodness!

 I've filled the vases with some flea market glass ornaments I spray painted silver.

 Of course, we have our Festivus Pole prominently displayed as well!

 Stockings on the stairs fill in an otherwise empty space.

 All of the garlands are the cheap $3.00 ones from Walmart and are adorned with Dollar Tree flowers & birds.

 ...and This is our Under The See Tree!  I picked up the aqua ornaments from Target's after-Christmas sale at 70-90% off.  The mermaids are from my personal collection.  

I even used a Fish Net as the tree skirt!

A few of my mermaids got caught in the nets!

Our family just loves the movie, "A Christmas Story," so here we have the Christmas Story Village displayed with the Leg Lamp in our front window.

I have the village displayed on an old family quilt from the 50's thrown over a folding table.

 Let's go into the living room!

 Some Angels grouped together under a star.

 A deer & moose area!

 Did I mention I also like snowmen?  Yeah, I pretty-much collect everything!  

Our mantle is holding my extensive collection of Christmas Krinkles that I've been acquiring for years (my hubby gets me a few new ones each Christmas).

 I wove a lit rag garland in-between the Krinkles for some glow!

As with every season, the Coffee Table gets a quick makeover using some tea towels and place-mats.

This is our Family Christmas Tree which holds all of our personal, memory-filled ornaments including those of family members who have passed and some new ornaments to remember this year!  (You may remember this $20 Tree from last year!) To give this short tree a lift, I put it inside an old steamer trunk.

 I hung some Dollar Tree snowflakes onto twine and hung them from the ladder valance over our picture window.  I hope we get snow this year!

 Even the parakeets get a wreath!

 The ladder gets a few holiday sprigs.

Santa and his reindeer are taking flight!

 The dining room chandelier got a holiday update with some Dollar Tree Balls & Ribbon.

 We would never leave out Snoopy & The Gang!

 No corner is left without a little Christmas Cheer!  Here is the wine rack with a tree put inside an antique Eggnog Bowl!

 The General Store is looking festive all decked out in red & white!

 Complete with a kitschy red gumball machine I picked up at a thrift store for only $5.00!

 It's so fun to decorate the kitchen for Christmas since we spend so much time there for the holidays.

 The kitchen island has got one of my most favorite trees.

 It has my mother's old cookie cutters that we used together to make our Christmas Cookies.  It fills me with great memories of Christmas and decorating those buttery sugar cookies!

 I'll leave you with some long views of the rooms so you can take it all in!

Thank you for visiting us this Holiday Season!  

(Love that Leg Lamp!)

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

PS - Please check back soon for some more detailed posts on how to make some of these decorations for next to nothing!

PPS - Also, please visit the Christmas Tab at Fake-It Frugal Holidays for lots of the decor you've seen displayed here!


  1. This is my least favorite time of year since losing my son. Your photos really encourage me!

    :) Merry Christmas

  2. Thank you for Inviting us. Each and Every Decoration is SOOO SPECIAL...Loved Touring your Beautiful Home, it is SOOO Inviting...Wishing you and Yours a Blessed Christmas Season.

  3. WOW! I love it. I wanted to put up more than one tree, but I'm struggling to get my daughter to leave the one I have up alone.

  4. Oh my, I think you have every spot covered. Lovely!

  5. I love it. The Festivus Pole cracked me up. Your home is beautiful.

  6. So pretty! And I love the design of your staircase!

  7. It looks great, really fun way to decorate the house!

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  8. Gorgeous! I like the living room and kitchen the best. :)

  9. Just beautiful! I can't imagine how long it took you to put this post together...let alone do all that decorating! =D I have been planning to start my decorating today and am so tickled to see this. I think I'm gonna try that ornaments on ribbons hanging from the chandelier idea. Thanks so much for sharing...and inspiring. You sure have a big house! I soo love the decorations!

  10. Where do you store all of it the rest of the year? Right now husband is in 'nothing we have to store' mode. I am hoping to make a few small items that I can easily store.

  11. This is beautiful. It gives me great ideas for when my little one grows up and doesn't have to touch everything! I am going to start stocking up for Christmases to come!

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