Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ditch The Dryer Sheets & The Static Cling!

I have recently developed an allergy to laundry detergent/softener perfumes, so I've been going without dryer sheets for the past few months.

static cling
BUT, now that the weather is getting colder and dryer, I'm getting attacked by static cling!

So, I decided to finally try something that I told you all about a while ago in my post about DIY Dryer Sheets.
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A balled up piece of good old Aluminum Foil thrown in the dryer with your clothes is just as effective as a dryer sheet!  It's true!  I've been using the same ball of foil for the last four weeks and it's still working just fine.

One thing I learned, however, is that if you have a load of flannel mixed with polar fleece (a static superload!), throw in two balls of foil.  That's more than one ball can handle!

Why does this work?  Check out the answer and more tips here at eHow!

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Aluminum Foil "Dryer Sheet":  Just about $0.00

Total Fake-It Cost:  It may cost you $1.00 over the course of a year to make new balls

Compare to Snuggle Dryer Sheets ($4.99 for 80 sheets), $0.06/load

Total Fake-It Savings: $25.00/Year (based on my usual laundry pile of 8 loads/week)

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  1. thanks for the tip! I never would have thought of this.

  2. it not hard on your clothes?

  3. I've used balls of felted wool yarn, made from recycled thrifted wool sweaters. But I think I will try a ball of this as well. The weight of the wool ball is supposed to make the load dry faster, but you don't have to worry about the foil unwinding and getting tangled!
    I make my own laundry detergent, using the "no grate" method from pinterest. I figure I'm saving at least $20 per month on detergent and dryer bars.

  4. How big of a ball do you make? I made 3 once, but they never did a thing to the static in my load. They were pretty small, so I'm wondering if maybe that was the problem.

  5. Thanks for writing in such an encouraging post. I had a glimpse of it and couldn’t stop reading till I finished. I have already bookmarked you.

  6. I tried this yesterday & it worked! Thanks for sharing the tip!

  7. Thanks for the tip. This is one I haven't heard of before.

  8. Will try this, had too much static the other day. Btw, did u know the static is blue, try getting the laundry out in the dark, it is like fireworks, very pretty!

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