Monday, April 2, 2012

Fake French Country Furniture, The Coffee Table (Part 3 of 3)

I've been working hard on refinishing three of my existing pieces of furniture to look like expensive French Country.  Last time, I shared with you my cute little Sewing Table that is now a fantastic French Country Side Table and a plain old Side Board that's now a Wow Table!  If you missed it, please check out Part 1, The Side Table and Part 2, The Side Board

I discovered that I could forego those expensive Refinishing Waxes & Chalk Paint and use basic Flat White Paint along with Brown Shoe Polish & Clear Polyurethane to get the look I wanted for much less!  (Full Tutorial)  

Here's the final piece of furniture that had to be refinished, our Coffee Table:

We "inherited" it when my parents retired 13+ years ago and I will say that it is quite a nice table (I think they purchased it at Macy's waaay back).  Trouble is, this photo doesn't really show just how worn & dry the top wood was getting after years of daily Windexing that glass!  

Here is is after sanding, staining, painting, the shoe polish technique & sealing (full tutorial):

Quite a dramatic difference.  I like how the exact same hardware seems to match this piece much better now that it's been refinished.

Previously, the top display drawer had a black velvet inside which was getting pretty grody, so I replaced it with a piece of Painter's Drop Cloth that I picked up in Lowes for only $8.00!  If you are ever looking for a sturdy, neutral piece of fabric, consider picking up a drop cloth - for $8.00 I got a 9' x 12' piece like this one!  
Zoomed: Blue Hawk 10 Oz 9' x 12' Canvas Drop Cloth
Credit - Lowes
The drop cloth has a few seams, which I loved, so I made sure to make them visible in the drawer.  I simply glued it down with a little Fabric Tack.

And here's the finished piece which is really adding some brighness to my Living Room!

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Fake French Country Refinished Coffee Table, Side Board & End Table ($12.50 White Flat Paint, $1.00 Shoe Polish, $10.77 Polyurethane, $0.00 Rag, $8.00 Drop Cloth Fabric) 

Total Fake-It Cost: $32.27 for All Three Projects

Compare to Designer Refinishing Materials such as Annie Sloan's ($27.00 Chalk Paint, $12.65 Dark Wax, $31.76 Lacquer) 

Total Fake-It Savings: $47.14

Compare to purchasing Brand New Designer French Country Furniture ($3,000 minimum for all 3 pieces)

Total Fake-It Savings:  $2967.73
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  1. Awesome! Nice Job on that re-do, it turned out very nice indeed!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Everything looks beautiful! You have inspired me. Thank you.

  3. I love this idea! I really want to refinish furniture but it can be so expensive. I follow your blog a lot and have gotten some great ideas from here!

  4. All of these projects look fab. I have not tried ASCP due to the cost. Have you tried adding un-sanded grout or plaster of paris to latex paint to make it more like ASCP?
    Just curious how that would looked compared to your method.

  5. These look amazing!!! I just picked up two tables from the Salvation Army. They were 10.00 each, but they have a 50 percent off sale, so both of them only cost me 10 bucks!! I will be trying your technique. Starting tomorrow, I'll head out and pick up the flat white paint and dollarstore shoe polish!! I ordered ASpaint but have yet to receive it. These pieces are my trial ones, as I purchased a 4 drawer cabinet that needs to be refinished. I'm so excited to try this out! Thanks for your posting!

  6. i am so excited to try this. i used gold leaf and it just really didnt get the finish i wanted so i am going to try the shoe polish tomorrow!! i am a new follower, but will def be checking you out for more! enjoy your move and good luck! sure it will be fun to diy it up!

  7. Great job and thank you for the great tips!! :)

  8. Great post! This is so well done! Thank you for this beds company

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