Monday, May 14, 2012

Temporary Hiatus

Fellow Frugalers,

As you may know, I am getting ready to move soon.  I'm packing and sorting and organizing - trying to make it an easy move on my family.  I have LOTS of big plans for the new house, but they are all in the future.  Right now, I am trying to focus on using up some of my pantry, packing toys & getting ready for summer vacation.

Having said that, Fake-It Frugal is taking a temporary hiatus until August 1st.  I hope you understand and that you will come and visit me in my new home where there will tons of frugal decor, projects & fun!  (It's just not quite ready yet!)

Meantime, please take this opportunity to visit the Why Pay? tab for DIY Cleaners & Pantry Items, the Crafts & Decor tab for some Great Fakes, and the On The Menu tab for some great meals under $1.00 per person!  

See you in August!  


Heather Bea


  1. Best wishes thru the move and all to come this summer. Will be watching for your return. Take care.

  2. Best of luck with the move! :)

  3. Have a great 'vacation' and congrats on the Big Move! You'll be missed!

  4. Hope you have a great summer and happy moving!

  5. Waaah! I'll miss you, but I understand. Guess I'll just have to hang in there until you're back!
    Hope your move is trouble-free and your house is everything you dreamed of!

  6. I often never comment on others blogs but can't be stop myself to say you happy vacations. your wish come true.

  7. Good luck on the move! Enjoy your summer.


  8. Found your blog today and LUV it!!

    Good luck and God Bless on the move. It's soooo worth all the trouble to pack up everything properly.

    And remember, when you get to that point where you wanna just throw stuff in a box and fahhgettaboutit... DON'T DO IT!! I still have about 8 boxes that I can't bring myself to touch because each box would require tedious separation and travel from room to room to room.
    I'll get to it... but not for a while.

    Hurry Back!!!

  9. Hi! Acabo de encontrar tu fabulosa y extraordinaria página web! Me encanta! Voy a preparar la harina sustituto de Jiffy para hacer una receta de pan de maíz.

    Muchas gracias por compartir. Feliz Mudanza!

  10. I am so missing your blog right now..Hope you are getting things pulled together at your new home and you'll be back in blogland soon!! My best to you and your family... have an enjoyable rest of your summer!

  11. It's August 10th...Looking forward to you posting about your move :)

  12. Been checking in everyday since the first, can't wait till you're back!! Hope the move is going FABULOUSLY!!=)=)


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