Thursday, April 26, 2012

No-Sew Scrap Fabric Tooth Fairy Pillow

My son recently got his first loose tooth!  It's a good thing that they stay loose for a while to give Mama's like me time to figure out what kind of Tooth Fairy Pillow to make!

Oh, he'll kill me for this in about 10 years!  :)
I have a TON of scrap pieces of fabric and a bunch of old pillows with perfectly good stuffing inside them, so I knew this little project wasn't going to cost me a cent.  I also go through phases where I love to pull out the sewing machine and sit at it for hours... and then I loathe it and hide it under my craft table.  I think that's why they invented Fabric Glue!

To make the pillow, I first roughly cut out a "Tooth Shape" out of some old white sheets and glued the two pieces together, leaving a small space for the stuffing later.

When it dried (15 minutes), I turned it inside out, ironed it and stuffed it.  I then glued the seam where I stuffed it and held it together using a couple of clothes pins.

Finally, using an old bandanna, I cut out a pocket shape, ironed a hem along the rough edge inside the pocket and glued it onto the tooth pillow.  Easy, right?

When his tooth finally fell out, I was ready!  That night, we put his tooth under his pillow in a plastic baggie.  When the Tooth Fairy came that night, she delivered to him this adorable pillow that he can use for the next 20-some teeth that he will be losing in the coming years.

OK, so it's not absolutely perfect, but it's still cute, it does the job and it was FREE!

PS - The Tooth Fairy was extremely generous for the first tooth - she gave my son $10.00! (I'm not sure that she'll keep up that rate with future teeth).  How much does The Tooth Fairy leave for your kids?

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  1. Love it!! I am featuring your blog tomorrow on my Fab Five Friday Frugal Fun post!

    Love it!

  2. $10!!! Wow, I want THAT tooth fairy to come to my house. I'll knock a few teeth out. LOL...

    For my son he got $1 in silver dollars for each of his teeth. He could trade it in for spending money or save it. His front teeth got him $5 each....

    The silver dollars he got are the same ones my tooth fairy gave to me and I think to my dad before was fun to carry on that tradition.

  3. Mine got $1. Then the time she left a snack for the tooth fairy she got extra :)

  4. Mine got $1. Then the time she left a snack for the tooth fairy she got extra :)

  5. Great pillow. In Canada we have a $2 coin, that is the going rate here.

  6. My daughter has yet to lose her first tooth. I'm not sure how much I'll leave but I don't think it will be $10!! What a lucky young man he is!


  7. Yup, $1, which goes far enough at the Dollar Store.

  8. I made a very similar pillow, but I used scraps of felt. While felt for the tooth, and pink for the pocket. I used hot glue to put it together. So easy, and my daughter still treasures it 10 years later.

  9. Visiting from the Frugal Girls chic and crafty party and I just have to say.... This is so cute!

  10. The tooth fairy leaves a $1 here. Although for the first tooth, they got a limited treasures Sacagawea and Pomp dollar coin bear.

    I love your tooth fairy pillow!

  11. Your tooth fairy is generous! My tooth fairy left 25 cents...but only if the tooth came out naturally...if the dentist took it out it wasn't worth anything because the tooth fairy already had to pay the dentist.

  12. Now you have to figure out a way to get the tooth fairy to remember to come! Such a darling pillow!

  13. I was spoiled. We didn't have the Tooth Fairy though, we had a little mouse come to collect our teeth...we got a note, a pack of sugar-free Trident gum that we could only chew with our parents permission, four Susan B Anthony coins, and 1-2 Disney Dollars...I have all of my notes and money still, but the gum is long gone...

  14. It's funny you chose a tooth, too. I made a tooth pillow for my kids when they were little. They are now 37 & 35.

  15. Love this idea and your blog. Found you through Pinterest. Keep writing!
    When your blog has attracted too many followers to pretend it's okay because no one's going to see it.

  16. The tooth fairy seems to be confused when she comes to my house, always leaving money from another country. Coins from a far away land can lead to learning about a new place. They become real treaseres.

    1. That is the best and most original idea I have ever heard!!! My family will definitely be using this one!!! Thanks for sharing!


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