Monday, March 19, 2012

Fake French Country Furniture, The Side Board (Part 2 of 3)

I've been working hard on refinishing three of my existing pieces of furniture to look like French Country.  Last time, I shared with you my cute little Sewing Table that is now a fantastic French Country Side Table!  If you missed Part 1, please check it out here!

In Part 1, I also discovered that I could forego those expensive Refinishing Waxes & Chalk Paint and use basic Flat White Paint along with Brown Shoe Polish & Clear Polyurethane to get the look I wanted for much less!  (Full Tutorial)

Well, here's the next victim - a very plain Side Board Table that I picked up at a yard sale last for $30:

It's solid, but it's seen much better days!

After the husband gave the top a good sanding, I tackled it with Ebony Stain and Flat White Paint.

Already a huge improvement!  After the paint was dry, I pulled out the Shoe Polish and distressed it in all the right places.  Couple more coats of polyurethane and I am very pleased with my "brand new" French Country Side Board!

Yup, I painted the handles because their original pewter color wasn't going with my color scheme.  I kinda like the way they turned out with the distressing, though!

There, on the top shelf, is part of my Nautical Buoy Centerpiece!  Nothing ever stays the same in my house!

Can you tell I'm getting excited to move near the Bay?

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Fake French Country Refinished Side Board & End Table ($12.50 White Flat Paint, $1.00 Shoe Polish, $10.77 Polyurethane, $0.00 Rag) 

Total Fake-It Cost: $24.27 (with plenty leftover for Project 3, The Coffee Table)

Compare to Designer Refinishing Materials such as Annie Sloan's ($27.00 Chalk Paint, $12.65 Dark Wax, $31.76 Lacquer) 

Total Fake-It Savings: $47.14

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  1. Love this piece! I have a similar one I want to do very nearly the same. Thanks for the tip about shoe polish - I've not been able to find dark wax here and there's no chalk paint either. I use flat paint, too. :)

  2. I used to use dark shoe polish on unglazed pieces I made in Pottery class to make it look like wood or leather.Of course,that was for decorative pieces.You couldn't do that to something you wanted to eat or drink from.

  3. Beautiful! The table looks great.
    ... Happy White Wednesday :)

    Greetings from Australia

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial using the shoe polish. I just might try this on a piece that I have sitting in my basement. I love making old things look new, but still old.

  5. Great table. Have you tried making fake chalk paint? There are a few recipes out there with plaster of Paris being one of the ingredients to add.

  6. Hi,Heather! I really like that shoe polish technique, and where's the part 3? Can't remember when was the last time I painted a furniture. You're such an inspiration...

  7. I have three pieces that were my mother's. I recently purchased a French country dining set but I love the beach, nautical look. You put it together EXACTLY as I've imagined. Seeing it just makes me want to start today. Love it!!!!!!

  8. This is a great site except the font color is very hard to read..i have to highlight the text to read it

  9. Love Love Love!!! and btw, where did you find that awesome metal stand next to it????

    1. I picked that up on sale at Homegoods! That store is dangerous!!!


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