Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fake Orangina

Every once in a while I get myself a treat of Orangina.  There's something really refreshing about fizzy orange juice!
Discover Orangina. since1936, Orangina brings you a unique flavor of the meditteranean through its authentic taste of oranges with real fruit pulp and its natural zest. An iconic bulby bottle. Did you know that the Orangina bulby bottle exists since 1951? with the shape and the texture of an orange. this innovative bottle has become a symbolic icon of the Orangina brand! Learn more about the Orangina brand
Well, the other day I was thinking of it and I had an idea to make a Fake version and it's pretty close to the real thing!

1 Part Citrus Punch (like Sunny Delight)
1 Part Lemon Lime Soda
Ice (if desired)

Simply pour half a glass of Citrus Punch over ice and top off with Lemon Lime Soda.  That's it!  Enjoy your refreshing glass of Fake Orangina!


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  1. Walmart makes a Early Rise Orange Drink or something like that in their kool-aid section. It works just as well with lemon lime soda - or better yet, use club soda. It gives it that zing that Orangina is so known for :)

  2. Last year at this time I was pregnant with my daughter, and I craved any type of "orangina-like" drink. I definitely had to make my own because real 'Orangina' is pricey (especially since I craved it every day!) I used some cheap store-brand orange juice and lemon/lime seltzer water...this is bringing back memories...I'm about to run and make some now!!!

  3. Love the idea of adding a fizz to something good for you. I usually top off juices with carbonated water; raised my daughter on it.


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