Monday, March 26, 2012

Scrap Fabric Carrots for Easter

A few years ago, I put together these adorable Scrap Fabric Carrots.  I actually used a needle and thread to put them together, but with a little Fabric Tac Glue, you could make your own in a no-sew way!

To make them, cut a triangle out of any orange scrap fabric you like.  Sew/Glue two edges together, turn it inside out and stuff with cotton balls, plastic bags or batting (what ever you have around).  Next, rip a few pieces of green scrap fabric into strips and insert into the top of your carrot.  Sew/Glue to secure.

What I love about this project is that you can make these for virtually no cost (if you have scrap) and they come out looking like they came out of one of those cute primitive boutiques!

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Scrap Fabric Carrots (Fabric $0, Stuffing & Thread on hand)

Total Fake-It Cost:  $0.00

Compare to these cute carrots from Piper Classics:  $11.19 set of 6

Fabric Carrots
Piper Classics Carrots

Total Fake-It Savings:  $11.19


  1. those are so cute and very crafty! I will love making these, thanks for sharing this.

  2. Adorable carrots. Great way to use up bits of fabric.

  3. These are very cute! You are so creative. I am always looking for ways to use of fabric scraps.


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