Sunday, June 12, 2011

Total Fake-It Savings Exceeds $20,000 Since April 2011

The Goal of Fake-It Frugal is to Maximize Standard of Living While Minimizing Budget. So far, so good!

Here's a roll-up of the "Fake-It Breakdown" Projects since this Blog's Inception:

PostMarket PriceFake-It CostSavings
Pillsbury Freezer Biscuits$16.00$9.58$6.42
Just like Italy Meatballs$18.61$11.23$7.38
TGI Friday Potato Skins$26.74$7.37$19.37
LLBean Monogramed Tote Bags$936.00$38.52$897.48
Foaming Hand Soap$502.32$1.00$501.32
Fake Buttermilk$1.16$0.17$0.99
Boutique "Hydrangia" Frames$80.97$12.00$68.97
McDonald's Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagels$12.60$5.10$7.50
Pottery Barn Mercury Lanterns$117.50$7.24$110.26
Pottery Barn Nautical Pillows$78.00$7.00$71.00
Pet Grooming$330.00$116.00$214.00
Children's winter wardrobe$356.00$14.00$342.00
Stainless Steel Grill$407.00$63.00$344.00
Make your own Bisquick$10.77$3.92$6.85
Pressure Wash/Deck Stain$325.00$32.00$293.00
Americana Bunting$19.97$2.50$17.47
Flood damage carpet repair$1,138.00$285.00$853.00
Mirror Transformation$759.00$5.00$754.00
Cold Sesame Noodle Salad$16.47$7.83$8.64
Alma Matter Shirts$45.90$8.00$37.90
Pottery Barn Placemats$84.00$2.50$81.50
Steam Clean Carpets$1,594.50$10.15$1,584.35
Personalized Life Rings$89.95$3.00$86.95
Mama's Adventure Camp$3,350.00$300.00$3,050.00
Knowledge Is My Treasure Map$156.99$16.00$140.99
Scooter vs. 2nd Car
Chinese Takeout
$14, 115.00


  1. I was hoping you would have links to a post on each of the items on this list. I do like seeing the breakdown cost, especially on the recipes. Keep up the good work. You'll find you can make almost any food yourself. It will not only be cheaper, but healthier and tastier!

  2. That is on my list of things to do with this blog!

  3. Hello- I just liked your blog on face book. I love your ideas. Here's my motto-
    I'm cheap and easy- I like it if it's cheap, and I love it if it's easy.

  4. wow you are great!!

    greetz from your new Follower from Germany



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