Friday, June 10, 2011

Mama's Summer Adventure Camp - Our Summer Schedule

School is officially out for the summer, and I'll be honest, it is Oh-So-Tempting to send my son to Summer Day Camp.  There's literally hundreds to choose from in our area.  Problem is that I don't see a point in paying so much money to send him to a place to run around in the sweltering sun all day when I can provide him an enriching and fun summer of adventures myself. 

So, this year I am instituting "Mama's Summer Adventure Camp!"  I took out a calendar and sat down with the Internet to discover what awesome and CHEAP/FREE activities there are to do in my area.  I was surprised at how much I found!  In fact, I filled the calendar with a daily activity clear through to September! 

Here's a sampling of our July Adventure Schedule:

July 4th - March in Community Parade, Picnic
July 5th - Wildlife Ambassadors, Free Event
July 6th - Nature Hike & Picnic @ Lake Needwood
July 7th - Community Pool
July 10th - Nature Hike & Picnic @ Black Hills Park
July 11th - Unicycle Lady, Free Event
July 12th - Pick Your Own Blueberries, Make Jam ($25)
July 13th - Community Pool
July 18th - Catoctin Wildlife Zoo ($27)
July 19th - Magic Show, Free Event
July 20th - Visit A Different Community's Playground
July 21st - Community Pool
July 22nd - Shakespeare in the Park, Free Event
July 25th - Miniature Train Ride & Playground @ Cabin John ($5)
July 26th - Song Imagineer, Free Event
July 27th - Adventure Park, Frederick ($40)
July 28th - Community Pool

I took care to only schedule one "Adventure" per day - mostly in the mornings when it's cooler outside. The afternoons will be spent by the kiddie pool in our backyard, with a movie, doing some summer homework, cooking with Mama, or playing a game.  Summer should be for relaxing, too!

As you can see from our schedule, we will be taking advantage of the great, free Parks & Recreation we have locally, as well as many of our Community Sponsored Events. Of course, not everything is free, but I'll only be spending $97.00 for the month of July on activities.  Let's compare that to Summer Day Camp and see what we'll save:

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

"Mama's Summer Adventure Camp" ($100/Month)

Total Fake-It Cost: $300/10 Weeks of Summer "Camp"

Bar-T Camp (most economical in my area) ($305/week, plus $250 registration fee)

Total Fake-It Savings:  $3,000.00


  1. I want to come to your camp :) Hope it was as fun as it sounds

  2. I am planning something similar for this summer. My son only gets 5 weeks of Summer and I would rather spend the time with him than shipping him off to have fun with someone besides me!

  3. I'd like to know how this went, and if you did it again the following summer. One of the things I really like about summer day camp is the friendships that are made.


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