Friday, December 7, 2012

Two Housekeeping Tools To Replace All The Rest!

If you are like me, you're always looking for a way to CHEAPLY make housekeeping easier on yourself.  That is why I have made up so many Fake versions of popular cleaners.

There are two things that I have added to my housekeeping toolbelt, however, that are not able to be faked, but have become absolutely necessary.  These two things may even replace all of the other cleaners altogether!

** Before you read on, please note that I have NOT been paid in any way to endorse these products, I just want to share with you all what I've discovered and what is working for me!**

They are...
The FlyLady's "Purple Rags In A Bag"

Rags in a Bag
The FlyLady
Barkeeper's Friend Powder Cleanser

The FlyLady Rags are made of a very special microfiber cut into a generous size that makes wiping, shining, dusting & polishing just about anything a cinch!  

Bar Keeper's Friend is a powder cleanser (also available in liquid form) which is a miracle cleaner (in my opinion) on so many surfaces that usually require special/toxic chemicals.  

Here is a short list of what I use these two products for in my daily/weekly cleaning:

FlyLady Rags:
1. Replaces Paper Towels for wiping down ANY surface without a single streak or mark.
2. Replaces Windex for removing fingerprints/leaving a high shine on your appliances & countertops.
3. Replaces Pledge for general dusting and also getting the grime off of your wooden dining table.
4. Replaces Swiffer for dry or wet dusting on any kind of flooring.
5. Replaces Leather Wipes for cleaning leather furniture/car interior.
6. Replaces Bathroom Cleaners for shining up your sinks, showers & toilets.
7. Replaces Special Computer Screen Wipes for leaving your touch screens absolutely free of fingerprints.

Bar Keeper's Friend:
1. Replaces Ceramic Cooktop Polish and requires very little (if any) scrubbing to remove baked on greasy spots.
2. Replaces Toilet Bowl Cleaner to remove rust, hard water & other toilet stains.
3. Replaces Bathroom Cleaners to shine faucets, remove hard water spots on tile, sinks & showers.
4. Replaces Stainless Steel Polish to bring a high shine to your appliances and your kitchen sink.  (Seriously, I use this on my sink once a week and it looks BRAND NEW every time!)
5. Replaces Special Dishwasher Cleaner (not for your dishes) - just throw a little in the bottom of your dishwasher and be amazed at how it sparkles with no effort!
6.  Replaces CLR for removing any kind of rust stain (even on concrete), lime or calcium buildup.
7.  Replaces Metal Polish for shining silver, copper & other metals.

If you visit the review pages (Rags) (Friend) for these products, you'll get many more ideas as to what they can be used to clean.  


The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

FlyLady Rags ($10.49 for 3 Reusable/Washable Rags)  I purchased three sets and that gives me plenty to use before I run out and reach for the paper towels.

Bar Keeper's Friend ($5.00 for a 12 oz can that will last you for months - a little sprinkle of the power goes a long way!)

Total Cost:  $36.47

Depending on your usage of Paper Towels, Cleaners & Specialty Cleaners, your annual savings would likely be in the $100-300 range!  Maybe even more!!!

I'm curious if you've used either of these products and what you use them to clean!  Leave a comment below and let's make a BIG List of all of their uses!


  1. I use bar keepers friend all the time. Last time I bought cook wear at William sanoma the cashier recommended it to clean with...(i own cuisinart stainless for induction stove) i get it at walmart for about $2

  2. I bought two big pack of microfiber cloths at Sam's Club so I have a washer load before I have to wash them. I wash them in a separate load without fabric softener. These also work great.

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  4. Great Article, links aren't up to much if you live in the UK though.
    Both these products are available from an old favourite Kleeneze. Best thing about Kleeneze in 2012 is that you don't have to have a catalogue through your door every month anymore. I buy all the fantastic products me mother used to use online from
    bar keepers friend, microfibre cloths, white ring remover, you name it, all delivered to me at home at the click of a button :-)

  5. Microfibre cloths have been available here in UK for approx 10 years, you are preaching to the converted! AND they cost much less, eg: 3 for £1.00 at pound shops or Wilkinsons....

  6. I don't clean nearly as much as you (or anyone, for that matter), but I can attest that Barkeeper's Friend is awesome. I use it for everything you mentioned. Just not as often, probably.

  7. I use flylady's cloths all the time. This morning I cleaned the tv screen and the mirror in the kitchen. I never use paper towels anymore. I kerp a rag bag for spills.

  8. I love Bar Keeper's Friend! It's a brand name I insist on, too. I didn't realize it was available in the States (I buy it here in Ireland)!

  9. Great post! I'm always interested in what others are using and what works. Now that I think about it, I think the cleaning service that cleans my home uses the Bar Keeper's Friend.

  10. Interesting post and comments. I also checked out the Fly Lady site. Thanks for the info.

  11. Thanks for sharing those thoughts and products. I clean homes for others and have found an incredible 'miracle' cloth...Streakfree Microfiber cloths. No more more paper towels or window cleaner. Wipe and let dry on its own. Isn't it awesome to find products that can help us do more with less elbow grease? =)

  12. Bar Keeper is my most favorite cleaner. Ever. I use it on everything you mentioned, plus more! My mother in law used it on her bone colored leather sofa when a guest's blue jeans left transfer ink and it removed w/o harming the leather(just condition the leather afterwards). I have used it on white clothing to remove spots(my son had t-shirt with dried blood in the back of the car for at least a month..removed it!), I used it on my wood decking that had mold and outdoor the powder, but IN LOVE with the liquid. The liquid has a fresh scent and doesn't irritate my hands so much. User since 2000.

  13. I love the flylady purple rags in a bag - they are so useful!

  14. I love Bar Keepers Friend - I hated my glass cooktop before I led to it!

    I think i'll get a bag of the micro-fiber rags at Sam's to keep around for the kids and such. As much as I'd love the pretty purple ones they are out of my budget.

    And I agree, if you are paying $5 a can you are paying to much for it! IT isn't more than $2.50 at target even!

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  19. I could not live without my microfibre cloths lol :)

  20. I could not live without my microfibre cloths lol :)

  21. Can the barkeepers cleaner be used on an induction cooktop? Mine came with so many instructions on what not to use on it but this is not mentioned at all. It's black and I have trouble getting all those stains left behind by boil overs and such. I also have a hard time getting it streak free. Any help would be great. I love your articles!!

  22. For those of us who hate the 'feel' of a microfiber cloth, (its true, weird huh? lol) I love the purple flylady cloths, they don't have the feel of microfiber, thank goodness!! I have heard of barkeepers cleaner but never tried it, will look on my next trip to walmart. Thanks everyone!!

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