Monday, September 10, 2012

Space Themed Boy's Room (Fake Wall Mural)

So, I had BIG PLANS for my son's new room.  It was going to be Space-Themed with rocket bedding and glowing stars on the ceiling...but the piece de resistance was going to be the full wall mural of the Solar System that I had picked up for cheap on

Well, in this particular case, I got what I paid for.  Four hours of pasting, cutting, and cursing later, I tore the darn thing off the wall!  FAIL!


On to Plan B.  Like every other blogger out there, I've been looking for an opportunity to try out some of that nifty Chalk Board Paint.   I figured, if I couldn't paste the Solar System on my son's wall, there's no reason why I can't draw one with chalk!

 Rust-oleum® Brush-On Chalkboard Paint - 4 Pack - Ace Hardware
Credit - ACE

I won't lie.  The paint went on easy, but the "seasoning" of the chalk board was a big mess.  To season the board, you have to go over the entire surface with chalk and then erase it, leaving a cloud of chalk dust to settle everywhere. (Aachoo!) We choose green to season with.  I'm pretty sure my son's room will have a green hue for some time to come!

OK, but here's the added benefit of having a Chalk Board Wall instead of one-themed mural - we can change it at any time!  As you may have already noticed, my son did want some planets on his wall, but he decided that dinosaurs were more of his taste this week.

We all had a lot of fun drawing on the Chalk Board wall. 

I think the failed mural was a blessing in disguise.  Now we can draw an unlimited number of murals and themes to change with my son's taste as he grows.

For now, though, it's still Space (and maybe some Dinos).

Those curtain valances are made from Dryer Vent Tubing ($10).  I had a bit leftover, so I added some more to the wall. My husband says it looks like a bad sci-fi movie set, but I think it's fun!

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  1. Great move to do the chalkboard and have the option of changing themes as your son grows. Easier than tearing things out or repainting, etc. Good job!


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