Thursday, February 2, 2012

Six More Weeks Of Whaaaat?

I live in Maryland, and this year our winter has been unusually warm.  So much so that all of my Daffodil and Hyacinth bulbs began popping out of the ground in mid-January!  I knew that there would be another cold snap and likely snowfall between now and the end of March, and it pained me to see my hard work of planting those bulbs go to waste (not to mention the poor plants!).

Here's what I did to make Spring come six weeks early - despite what the Groundhog says!

Out to the yard I went with my little shovel and dug up all the blooming bulbs.

I also grabbed the pots of dirt that were left over from my Christmas Poinsettias.

I grabbed a couple of yard sale baskets, put some decorative rags on the handles and lined the bottoms with some newspaper.

Next, I lined the baskets with a garbage bag and added a layer of soil from the leftover Poinsettia pots.

Then, I added the bulbs, a little more soil, and topped it off with craft moss from the Dollar Tree.

I had a few leftover bulbs that didn't fit in my baskets, so I planted them in some Mason Jars filled with gravel.

They grew...

...and grew...

...and they're still growing!

No Breakdown for this post, but I think it's frugal to take care of the things you have spent time and money on.  Preserve and maintain what you already have and you might even get a lovely reward!

Ahhhh - there's nothing like the smell of spring in your home when it's February!

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  1. What a beautiful display of flowers! Our winter has been almost non-existent and we have things blooming that shouldn't be. It will be a shame if we finally get a hard freeze and all the budding fruit is destroyed....

    I wish I could do this with pear trees!

    Have a great day!


  2. Looks nice! We had this winter here in the Netherlands.
    Flowers and weeds blossoming everywhere. So Weird!

    But suddenly we have night temperatures of -15 celcius for this night. (extremely cold for here) And snow. Think it is good against the bugs and virusses in the air. So we hav all the windows open to ''clean'' the house.

  3. I just moved to MD. It has been a pretty decent winter, I refuse to hear the groundhog scene. Bring on springtime:)

  4. I live in MD as well, and I cannot believe the insane weather we have had this year. However, I will take it over ice any day. Very clever idea with the plant bulbs too!

  5. this is wonderful.. I love how you creatively designed a place for them to grow. I love flowers so much!! We haven't had that warm a winter,, but it has been mild. I just might go get me some bulbs and grow them inside waiting for spring!! Great tip!

  6. I love flowers they add so much color and contrast to our lives. That was brilliant and I know those little flowers are thanking you for taking such good care of them. Now you can enjoy the fruit of your labor! Love the baskets.

  7. GREAT idea!!! Just plant them BACK outside when spring really does come.... then you should be able to enjoy them again next year! ENJOY!!!!

  8. I also live in MD, well on the PA/MD line and it has been very warm but they are calling for snow storms in Feb around my birthday the 19th. There has been a heavy snow storm around my b-day every so many years for a long time well since the 60s when D C started getting snow. And hate to say it but we are due a big storm. I usually just put leaves over my plants that come up early, to old to dig them up myself LOL

  9. I'm in upstate NY, and still looking for winter. My garlic is almost all up but I haven't spotted any daffodils yet. Thanks for the other options!


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