Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Two-Tier Apothecary Jars

I'm so excited to show you what I crafted up using Dollar Tree glass vases!  Lookie! Lookie!

They were inspired by these Double Tiered Hurricanes I saw in Pottery Barn:

Double Tiered Glass Hurricane

They were really fun and simple to make, too!  Here's what I did:

First, I picked up these two sizes of glass vases from The Dollar Tree.  (If you're not super-crafty, you could stop right here, fill the bottoms with something decorative & the tops with candles and stack 'em!)

Next, using some painter's tape, I taped-off a rough rectangle on the taller vases and pained inside each one with 3 coats of black craft paint.  On the smaller vases, I painted rough polka-dots within polka-dots using red, pink & white craft paint.

When the black paint dried, I removed the tape and painted these cute pink frames around the rectangles.  I then outlined each frame in red and added white polka-dots.  Finally, I painted the letters L-O-V-E on the "blackboards," and they were done!

I'm trying to decide now what to do with them.  I was thinking of filling the bottoms with sweetheart candies and putting some flame-less candles in the tops.  What would you do?

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Set of 4 Valentines Two-Tier Apothecary Jars (Vases $8, Paint/Tape - on hand)

Total Fake-It Cost:  $8.00

Compare to these Double Tiered Glass Hurricanes from Pottery Barn ($39.00 each)

Total Fake-It Savings:  $148.00

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  1. How wonderful.. I love this idea and using the dollar tree makes sense!!! Fantastic!!

  2. Saving $150 is something to brag about! Love these!

  3. What a clever idea! I've never seen these before! Would you be willing to link these up to my Valentine Link Party? I'd love to have you! Thanks, Michelle

  4. Sweet! And by that I mean SaaaWeeeeet! Nicely done! Your blog is full of such great ideas for saving money! I really enjoy visiting you.


  5. Thank you so much for linking up! I appreciate you taking the time to do that!

  6. This is adorable!!! I can't wait to make it!!!

  7. Very cleaver Dollar Store goodies to knock off a PB design :) Bravo!

    Visiting from The Inspiration Board at HOMEWORK
    Nice job!
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW IL at WhyCuzICan

  8. Your tiered apothecary jars came out amazing!!I LOVE stuff like this.. I hope you don't mind, I just couldn't help but feature your pretty Valentine's jars on my new frugal home decorating blog here:

    Thank you so much for sharing... I am your newest follower!


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