Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Organized Entryway Closet

Well, you've gotten to know me a bit by now, but there's some aspects of my home life that I haven't shown you yet.  Time to get real and fess's my Entryway Closet:

(Insert Screams of Horror)

Looks like an avalanche has happened, doesn't it?  Actually, my husband has a name for this kind of disaster...he calls it a "Heather-lanche!"

Truth be told, just about every time we pulled a coat out of the closet, a shoe would be tipped causing an irreversible shoe-rack "Heather-lanche"...and don't even THINK about trying to pull a pair of gloves off of the top shelf!    Time to rectify this "dangerous" situation!

First, I dragged out this old hutch-top that I'd picked up at a yard sale for $10 over the summer.  It was holding some books in the basement, but I think it is much better re-purposed as a sturdy shoe rack.  (By the way, these are ALL of our shoes - for the whole family.  No huge shoe-hoarding closet for us!) 

Next, I took my already existing wire baskets, filled them with gloves & hats, reusable bags and umbrellas.  Putting them on the floor made these necessities much more accessible for daily use.  

Up top are bins for hats, dog accessories, and outdoor toys that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I also made space for my husband's bag, my son's swimming bag and his backpack.  

Here's the final result!  The only things I removed from this closet were our lighter/spring jackets and one extra backpack we weren't using.  Ready for the Before & After?



Phew!  That's soooo MUCH better!  

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Organized Closet (Dollar Tree Bins $4.00, Shelf & Wire Bins, on hand)

Total Fake-It Cost:  $4.00

Compare to Disorganized Closet (Messy, Embarrassing, May Cause Cursing)

Total Fake-It Savings:  Re-Organized Piece of Mind!


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