Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heather Inn Quilt Rack

This home decor idea is inspired by My Heather Inn.  If you haven't read about my plan for the "Ultimate Fake-Cation,"  please check it out!

Years ago (perhaps 20 years ago!), my Father made this very sturdy quilt rack for me.  Pretty nice work, huh?

Back then, cherry wood was all the rage for country decor.  But, for My Heather Inn, I'd like to update it a bit!

I painted it with two coats of "Linen" Trim & Door with Gel Flow by Glidden.  I am just loving that paint since I used it my Ballard Knock-Off.  This time I got smart, though, and had a fan going in the room while I worked so I didn't get high in the process!

There, that's much better! I grabbed my paint pen (love that thing) and added some finishing touches to "cozy it up" a bit.

The quilt is a rescued family heirloom from my Mother's side of the family.  Long story there, but suffice it to say that we inherited an Extreme Hoarder's house filled (to the rafters) with beautiful treasures like this and other things that would give you nightmares!

After a couple of soaks in the Dollar Tree's version of OxyClean the quilt came out clean, soft and smelling fresh! A far cry from whence it came (forgot the before photo, but it was GROSS)!

Nighty night and enjoy your stay at My Heather Inn!

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  1. Wow!! that turned out so cute and I love the wording on the rack!! You really did a great job.. just like an INN!!

  2. Very nice. Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  3. what a fun project, and such a great quilt rack!

  4. I love quilts and this one is beautiful, and comes with a story to boot! I'm glad you were able to rescue it. It would have been a shame to lose such a treasure. And nice job on the rack!


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