Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fake "Boutique" Hydrangea Frame for Mother's Day

I just LOVE these designer floral frames I've been seeing in specialty boutiques.  The cheapest one I could find was on the Koyal Wholesale site:

So pretty...and it would make the perfect gift for my Mom and my Mother-in-Law for Mother's Day!  All it needs a photo of their Beloved Grandchild and a price tag that I can live with!

So, off I go to The Dollar Tree with a purpose and here's what I picked up:

Simply cut the hydrangea florets off at their bases...

...and start gluing them on with your glue gun all around the frame.

Here's the result, very Shabby Chic!

I liked it, so I made a second one!

...and then I made a third one for myself with a daisy chain! 

All that's left to do it pop in the Beloved Grandchild's photo and send them off for delivery before Sunday.  Hope you like them, Moms! 

Now let's do the Fake-It Yourself Breakdown!
3 Fake Boutique Floral Frames

Total Fake-It Cost $12.00

3 Hydrangea Frames from Koyal Wholesale (cheapest price I could find), $26.99 Each 

Total Fake-It Yourself Savings $68.97

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