Friday, April 15, 2011

The Secret of Foaming Hand Soap

With a 4 year old, we are constantly washing his hands, and the foaming soap just seems to clean him up better than the traditional.  This tip has been floating around the frugal blogs, but I just tried it myself and thought I'd share with you the Secret of Foaming Hand Soap! 

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If you already have a foaming hand soap dispenser, DON'T THROW IT OUT.  The secret is NOT the soap, but the special pump that's used to foam it up.  When your purchased foaming soap is empty, simply refill it with (you're not going to believe this)....

1 Teaspoon of your Favorite Liquid Soap or Dish Washing Liquid
...and fill the rest with Water!

Shake it up to dilute the soap and you now have a completely refilled foaming soap.

Can you believe that?  Can you believe that we've all been paying EXTRA for the special, luxurious, foaming soap when it's actually mostly water? Stop wondering how much money we've wasted on these soaps and take a look:

Now let's do the Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Refilled Foaming Soap
Lemon Dish Washing Liquid 28oz. $1.00 = 168 Refills
Total Fake-It Yourself Cost $1.00

Compare to Method Lemon Foaming Soap $2.99 Each
168 Method Lemon Foaming Soaps $502.32 (Oh My!)
Total Fake-It Yourself Savings $501.32


  1. Wow! Gonna try this for sure!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I do actually have a foaming hand soap bottle that I did not toss - I filled it partially with the soap, but did NOT dilute. It was hard to get the refilled soap through and now I know why. Again, thanks!

  3. I'm SO trying this!!! Thank you for the tip!

    Chrissy visiting from

  4. I just have to try this one! I love the foaming soap, it is so much easier to use, especially with little ones! Thanks for the 'recipe'!!

  5. I have been using an old foaming bottle for Hair dye... I cleaned the dye out of it and put a couple of pumps of hand soap in it and filled with water and shake to mix and it makes the soap last longer... and saves MONEY!!!

  6. we have been doing this for years! We used to buy the refills, but then I remembered pampered chef used to sell a foaming hand soap thing, so we started just making our own foaming soap with the saved dispensers.

  7. Does anyone have problems with the pump stopping working? I've tried a couple brands and they all seem to give out about halfway through my "homemade refill".

  8. I have a foaming dispenser from my Bath & Body Works. But it's a little one for hand sanitizer. It is 1.7 oz. It's ingredients were water, alcohol, and fragrance. Do you have a recipe for the measurements I could refill this with for a hand sanitizer?

  9. Hi NTG, Give this a try & let me know if it works:


  10. I have a foam soap dispenser that my mom got me once from Stanley Watkins that has similar directions for making your own, but I hadn't thought of refilling store bought ones the same way. I'm going to try that with my Dawn pump for dishes!
    PS I found your site via a picture of your Bisquick mix on Pinterest and am definitely going to follow you now!

  11. I usually use more soap than that to refill mine. I am always telling people to refill them themselves and to NOT buy the refill foaming soap at the store. We know it is watered down more and it is more expensive than regular soap refill bottles.

  12. I've been doing this for a long time as well, but I use quite a bit more soap as well. I fill the pump about 1/4 of the way with soap and 3/4 water. Regardless, it's MUCH cheaper! I bought the Dial soap pumps about 5 1/2 years ago, and I just replaced them... So the pumps can last a long time!

  13. No one believes me but I've been doing this myself for over 5 years! I LOVE to use the dawn hand renewal. it goes on sale @ cvs or walgreens all the time for $0.99 and then use the $0.50 off coupon to pay just $0.49 a bottle for it! I bought my last bottle in August and it's still more than half full!

    1. I do the same thing !! Love the Dawn Hand Renewal !!

  14. I did one better and used Softsoap. It works great when watered down, and it stays nice in the bottle. I figure my one gallon jug will go for quite awhile!

  15. Something I am thinking about, with such a tiny amount of soap being used, is it really enough to clean our hands?

  16. Just made this today and it works beautifully! Thank you!

  17. I use my favorite good smelling shower gel, by Suave, it's so cheap! However, I used to use half soap half water, I'm going to try your recipe next time and see it works as well, thanks!!

  18. I usually do third soap and two thirds water. Works great!

  19. I made some with almond flovoring. It is yummy!! Also used orange flavoring which was great too

  20. Recipe is perfect, and if you want to make it anti bacterial you can add a tablespoon of anti bacterial sanitizer to the mix. I did it the other day - and it worked perfectly. :) Thanks for your awesome site - it is very much appreciated!

    1. Here is a good reason to steer clear of antibacterial soaps, etc:

  21. I've been doing this for years as well, and I use either Dawn or Softsoap. I also would be interested in hearing how to get the pumps to last longer. After 4 refills, they usually won't pump anymore. In comparing pumps, they all look to be exactly the same, whether from Method, Dial, BBW, or Pampered Chef.

  22. Exactly my problem👆👆👆👆👆


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