At Fake-It Frugal, I share all the ways that my family is striving to improve our standard of living while, at the same time decreasing our expenses.  At the end of most of my posts you’ll find a “Fake-It Yourself Breakdown” where I show just how much money we didn't spend by trying some of these simple ideas.  My hope is to inspire you to think about how much money you can save for your family without sacrificing your lifestyle!  

About Me

I’m Heather Bea and I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband, an Economist, our five year-old son & a super Scottish Terrier.  Confession: I wasn’t always Frugal.  Like many folks, we were hit very hard by the financial crisis of 2008 just as we were relocating to New Zealand for a two-year, work-related contract.  We lost all of our savings and went into big debt as we tried to sell our house from abroad.  We were determined to honor our mortgage contract, however, and finally sold our house at a loss (to us, not the bank). 

Living in New Zealand was doubly difficult as I suddenly found myself with very few resources and even fewer comforts of home.  But, out of that experience I gained tremendous insight into how to be more self-reliant and how to “fake” some of the everyday products that we take for granted in the USA.  It made for a few less home-sick days and we even introduced some Kiwis to real American foods/products (can you believe they don't have Bisquick?).     

Now that I’m back in the US, I find that many of my newly discovered “faking” skills are saving me tons of money! I'm always thinking up new and fun ways to save my family a few bucks as we work towards our goal of paying off our debt, rebuilding our savings, and buying a new home...all without sacrificing our standard of living.  I hope you will join me on my frugal journey and maybe we can share some ideas along the way!


Responsible Disclosure

Blog Disclaimer/Disclosure:
The projects contained in this blog are all examples of ways that my family is pinching pennies.  
These are simply the things that I am doing in my own home.  Please use common sense when attempting 
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