Monday, April 15, 2013

Fake King Size Pillow Stuffers

If you have a King Size Bed, then you know that when you purchase a "Bed In A Bag" that you will likely get King Size Pillow Shams.  Now I LOVE the look of those large pillows, but darn it, they are expensive - especially when they're just being used for decorative toppers!

I found a simple, and possibly FREE, solution to this problem.  You see, a King Size Pillow is actually the same size as one and a half regular pillows!

I cut one of my old pillows in half and stuffed it into the King Sham with one regular size pillow.  Simple!  I didn't even sew the ends together because my pillow's stuffing was pretty tightly wound.  You may need to make adjustments depending on the kind of pillows you use.

Next time you're replacing your sleeping pillows, don't throw them out!  Instead, make some King Size Pillow fillers!

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

2 Fake King Size Pillow (old sleeping pillows = FREE) x 3

Total Fake-It Cost:  $0

Compare to purchasing King Size Pillows :  Approx. $20 Each

Total Fake-It Savings:  $40.00

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  1. This is brilliant! I actually have three regular sized pillows I'm using in my king shams right now: two stuffed into one, which looks silly, and one by itself, which also looks silly. But if I chop the third one in half and split it between the two shams, voila! Problem solved. You're brilliant!

  2. This is SO smart! I love tips like this! Even if you had to buy standard pillows, you could get the super cheap ones from Walmart, they are as low as $2.50 each.

  3. I fill mine with unused down comforters in the 9 months I don't use them. I basically put them away and change up the look of my bedroom for the other three months.

  4. SO Smart! I just leave the pillows off instead of trying to find the right size. We have a bunch of old unused pillows that could easily serve this purpose. I'd love to include this post in our EVERYTHING FRUGAL link up.

    Becky @

  5. I have used twin sized bedspreads or twin blankets in the pillow sham. Great storage.

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  8. Will be trying this out today. My problem is as much in height as in width - the flanges are SO droopy - but you've inspired me, I'll find a way!

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